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Generating impact on business through data.

At DATYA we offer innovative and personalized solutions in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to transform and optimize business processes, and achieve competitive advantage. We generate impact on business through data.

What value does DATYA bring?


We have extensive experience collaborating with companies in their growth and transformation strategies. We lead projects on strategy, operational improvement and economic optimization, always focused on bringing value to the client.


We provide creative and innovative advanced analytics solutions for the resolution of complex problems. We work with rigor and technical excellence to make them scalable and efficient in time, cost and maintenance. We develop solutions based on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Optimization.


We use proven methodology and solutions with state-of-the-art and scalable tools
to work with the appropriate amount of data for each case. We create intelligent and automated systems with optimal user experience. We have experience in implementing complex on-premise and cloud solutions.

What solutions do we offer you?

Revenue Optimization

From demand forecast to elasticity analysis, we use data to optimize resources and pricing strategies.

Customer Personalization

Fully understand your customers' characteristics and anticipate their needs through Customer Segmentation, CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), propensity to buy, product recommenders or creating a MMM (Marketing Mix Model).

NLP and Computer Vision

Text classification, sentiment analysis, chatbots, crowd counting, object detection... Innovative natural language processing and computer vision techniques allow us to automate the analysis of text, voice, images, and videos.

Logistics and Maintenance

We help you optimize the entire production process, from predictive maintenance exploiting sensor data, to optimizing routes to improve logistics.

Automation, Architecture and Integration

We advise and implement a complete and efficient data infrastructure, integrating information from different sources and adjusting it to your needs. We also apply intelligent and automated processes to speed-up data-based processes, such as duplicate detection or anomaly detection.

We accompany you throughout the full Advanced Analytics process.


Understanding what is happening.


Understanding why it happened.


What is most likely to happen.


Recommend what to do to prevent or improve.

What solutions do we offer from DATA?


What will be the future behavior of a product? What impact will a possible price change have on the consumer?


of customer


Do you know your customer in depth and their potential? Do you want to anticipate their needs?

NPL and Vision for

Have you ever considered conducting a sentiment analysis of your customers? Want to create a chatbot to provide a personalized response?


Logistics and

Have you proposed to increase the availability of the machines? Do you want to train models so you can anticipate future breakdowns?


and integration

Looking for a data storage platform? Do you want to enrich the company’s own data with external data to help you gain efficiency?

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